Adding new users to your account - The Essential Guide

Part of running any practice is bringing new staff into your business. This guide will take you through the process of adding a new staff member from creating their account to controlling what they have access to within your account.

This essential guide covers the following areas:


Adding a new user to your account


Step 1 - Select 'My Account' located on your coreplus Dashboard


Step 2 - Select 'Add User' in your Account Details View

 Step 3 - Create the new user account

  • Enter the new users 'First name' & 'Last Name' and 'contact number'
  • It is important you enter their email address. (This is where there username and password details will be sent)
  • Then select their Access Level which defines what access they have to your account.
  • Click 'save' to add the new user


Step 4 - The New User will have an Activation link sent to the email address specified


  • The user needs to click the link in this email to receive their username and password


Step 5 - The New User will receive their username and password in their email address & can now Login to their coreplus account



Once this is completed you're then able to control what the user you've just created is able to see and edit within your account. The following aspects of this setup process are covered in this guide:

When you've set up these areas your new staff member will get the coreplus experience that you've given them access to. Let's get started!



Client Sharing

Why would I need to share clients?

When you add a client to your account, you need to connect a case manager to their file. This means that a case manager, by default, can only view their client list.

If you would like to share clients lists across multiple or all case managers, the steps to do so can be found below.

Please note: Only users with supervisor access may view and edit Permissions.



Step 1: Select 'Settings' from your coreplus Dashboard



Step 2 - Select 'Client Sharing' under the 'Administration' heading


Step 3 - select 'Manage' next to the name of the user you wish to share clients from



  • E.G. If you look at the image above, if you would like to share a user list with another case manager, you need to select Manage next to the user you're sharing the clients from.



Step 4 - Share clients with another Case Manager


  • If you would like to share the currently selected user's client list with another case manager, change the No to Yes.
  • Setting the drop down box to 'Yes' allows that user to view the clients list of case manager's file your managing
  • Setting the drop down box to 'No' restricts that user from viewing the clients list of case manager's file your managing
  • Once the appropriate changes have been made, they can be updated by clicking 'Save'



Calendar Sharing

Please note that calendar sharing settings must be changed from within each individual user login on your account, they cannot be managed through a supervisor login


Step 1 - Click on 'Calendar'



Step 2 - Click on 'More' and then 'Settings'



Step 3 - Control which users have access to your calendar



Checking the box next to a user's name will mean that user can access that function on your calendar.

For example, in the above screenshot:

  1. Frank Hunter can only view my calendar.
  2. Gary Scott can view my calendar, create appointments for me and edit those appointments, but he cannot delete them.
  3. Jordi Costa can view my calendar, and create, edit and delete appointments for me.




Feature Permissions

'Feature Permissions' enable Supervisors to increase or restrict the amount of features that other users within the organisation have access to within coreplus. This is useful for private information such as case notes or financial reporting.


Step 1 - Select 'Settings' under 'Setup' on the coreplus Dashboard


Step 2 - Select 'Feature Permissions'


Step 3 - Select the 'Manage' button next to the user you wish to change permissions for


Step 4 - Within 'Manage Access', you can now select 'Yes' or 'No' to enable or disable features

  • Select 'Yes' to enable a feature
  • Select 'No' to disbale a feature


You can be more specific with sharing access to client files

Within Client File Access, you can specify which features a case manager can view within their client's file. You can also specify which features a case manager can view in a client file that is shared with them.

  • Yes - my and shared clients: You will enable the case manager to view this feature for their clients & any shared clients file
  • Yes - my clients only: You will enable the case manager to view this feature from their clients file only
  • No: You will disable the this feature for all client files for this case manager


Step 5 - Save Permission

Please note: If you do not click 'Save Permissions', the changes will not take effect


By using these features in conjunction with each other you can control the access that your staff members have to the various areas of your coreplus account as well as how information is shared between your staff members. Hopefully this guide has helped you achieve this!

As always if you have any questions or concerns at all you can contact us at or via phone on 1300 66 89 88.


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