Manage injuries and charts

The 'Injuries and Charts' allow you to record injuries and illnesses for a patient. Body charting can also be found in this section where you can annotate a body chart, or an uploaded image of your choice.


This article covers the following topics:


How to create an injury/ illness 

Step 1 - Navigate to any client's file and click on 'Clinical'



Step 2 - Click on 'Injuries and Charts'



Step 3 - Click on 'Add Injury/Illness'



Step 4 - Enter the details and click 'Save'




How to edit the injury/ illness 

Step 1 - From the 'Injuries and Charts' section, click on the entry you wish to edit



Step 2 - Once changed, click 'Update' to save the injury/illness 




How to delete an injury/ illness

From the 'Injuries and Charts' page, select the trash bin icon



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