Add a new user to coreplus


Step 1 - Select 'My Account' located on your coreplus Dashboard


Step 2 - Select 'Add User' in your Account Details View


Step 3 - Create the new user account

  • Enter the new users 'First name' & 'Last Name' and 'contact number'
  • It is important you enter their email address. (This is where there username and password details will be sent)
  • Than select their Access Level which defines what access they have to this business account
  • Click 'save' to add the new user


Step 4 - The New User will have an Activation link sent to the email address specified


  • The user needs to click the link in this email to receive their username and password



Step 6 - The New User will receive their username and password in their email address & can now Login to their coreplus account



Next: Learn how to add a provider number for the user you've just added.






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