What are the different user/account access levels?

When a new user is being created in the coreplus system, it is required that an access level is specified. The different access levels are tailored for specific jobs in a standard clinic. Below is a description of the three access levels offered.

Please note: The access of an administrator or Case Manager has can be altered in permissions.

Administration / Accounts

The administration / accounts access level is suited for receptionists and those who handle accounts. Below is a list of characteristics the administration / accounts access level has.

  • No clients can be assigned to a user with this access level
  • Users will be able to view all clients in the system, however only basic details can be accessed. Information such as case notes is restricted.
  • Users can book in appointments for all case managers
  • Users will not have their name on the calendar

Case Managers

The Case Manager access level is suited for practitioners who are offering a service to clients. Below is a list of characteristics the Case Manager access level has.

  • A Case Manager can have numerous clients attached to their name
  • A Case Manager by default can only view their own clients. This can be changed in permissions.


Supervisor access is suited for Managers or people who require access to the whole of coreplus. Below is a brief list of supervisor characteristics.

  • Supervisors can access all parts of coreplus
  • Supervisors have the control to edit permissions, Service Types and settings within coreplus
  • Supervisors can delete invoices

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