Account Details - General Overview


What is this feature?
The Account Details page is your hub for managing your coreplus account and the relevant components. These include:

  • Your business details such as business name, ABN and contact details
  • Managing your subscription and monthly invoices
  • Managing your user accounts
  • Checking up on changes that have occurred in your account
  • Managing your hard drive space allocation


How can I access this feature?
From the coreplus dashboard select 'My Account' from the sidebar 

Please note: Only users with supervisor access are able to access this page. If you have case manager or administration access you are not able to see this feature


Editing business details

This area allows you to manage your business details within coreplus.

Simply select 'Click to edit'  to alter the fields you would like and save the changes by selecting 'Save'



Managing your subscription

The area allows your coreplus subscription to be managed.

If you have not yet subscribed or would like to alter your subscription, select the 'Upgrade Now' button. For more information regarding this, please seehere.

You can also enter your credit card details with coreplus so that your monthly invoices are paid automatically at the end of every month.

If you would no longer like to continue your subscription with coreplus the 'Cancel Account' button can action this for you.


Apply a Promo Code to your coreplus account

 Select "Apply" in the Promo Code section of your Account Details page.

Type in your promo code and then select the "Apply" button to save the promo code to your coreplus account. You will then see this code reflected in your "Account Details" page. 


If your coreplus account already has a promo code applied you will see this message, if this happens just follow the link to talk to our Customer Support team to discuss the impact of changing.

Managing Users

This area allows you to manage your user accounts and add additional accounts to your business

By selecting the 'Add User' button you can add additional accounts to your business. Please see below for more information regarding this.

You can also  see all active and inactive user accounts. These accounts can be edited by selecting them.

The above screen should be displayed when you are either adding a new user or editing a current one.

Name: The name of the individual whom the account is for. Please note a username will be generated based of the first name and surname (If the account is being created).
Mobile: An optional field allowing a mobile number to be entered for the user.
Access: The level of access that this user account should have.
Email: The email address for the user account. Please note that if the account is being created, an email will be sent to this email address for verification and initialization of the account.
Active: This field will only be available if the account has already been created and you are now 'editing' this user account. If an employee has left and no longer working for your business, you would use this field and set the active field to 'Inactive'

Please note: When editing a user account, the change will not take effect immediately and does take some time to process. This can be seen by looking at the 'Actions' field in the 'Account History' area below. If the action is currently 'pending' it has not taken effect just yet. Waiting a short period should be sufficient time to refresh your screen and check if this 'Actions' field has changed to 'Change Processed'.



Account History

This area allows you to view all the account changes that have happened within your business. For example, if you add a user or change the details for a user account, these will be recorded and logged here. This allows you to have a record of all activity that has happened and allow for back tracking. If you would like further information on a specific log, simply click on the entry, which should bring up a window containing further information.


Manage your monthly Invoices

This area allows your monthly invoices to be viewed and managed. The above screen essentially summarizes all of your invoices and whether they have been paid or not. If you would like to find out further information about a specific invoice, simply click on it.


Manage your usage space allocation

from this area you can manage your hard drive allocation, which is how many files you can upload to coreplus. Once your limit has been reached you will no longer be able to upload any files. This section will allow you to:

  • Add space to your account
  • View where your space is being used

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