Make a payment on an invoice

Step 1 - Select Clients

Step 2 - Select the client you wish to make payment to


Step 3 - Select 'Invoicing'

Step 4 - Select the invoice number that you want to make a payment against


Step 5 - On the 'Edit Invoice' Screen, select the '$' symbol to make payment to a service type or the 'Auto Assign' to make payment to the Invoice total

  • "$"Records payment for the service type
  • Auto Assign records payment for the invoice total

Step 6 - Now enter the Amount Paid, Date Paid, Date Banked, Payment Methods and click 'OK' when done

  • Date Paid: Date the client came in and paid
  • Date Banked: Date that the money was actually banked

Step 7 - You notice the Owing amount will change. Click 'Update Invoice' when done to save the payment to the Invoice

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