Print outstanding invoices

Step 1 - Select 'Batch Jobs' under 'Data' on the dashboard


Step 2 - Select 'Print Outstanding Invoices'


Step 3 - Select the date range and enter any other information to refine the list of invoices


  • 'Invoice Template Override' and 'invoice Recipient Override' will set all invoices to the same print template or recipient. More information on 'Invoice Templates' can be found here
  • A batch reference is a batch number given to the group of invoices instead of each one having an individual invoice number.
  • 'Include Locked Invoices' will include all invoices, leaving this unchecked will only include unlocked invoices.
  • 'Combine Invoices' will combine all invoices into one when printed


Step 4 - Click 'List Invoices'


Step 5 - Click on each individual invoice to select it (It will change to orange) 


Step 6 - Clicking 'Preview Selected' (1) will show a preview of only the selected invoices. 'Preview All' (2) will show a preview of all invoices that are displayed on the list


Step 7 - Clicking 'Print Selected' (3) or 'Print All' (4) will print the invoices 

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