Appointment to Invoice Creator

The appointment to Invoice creator is used to quickly create invoices for appointments.
To use this feature you must have appointments created first.


Step 1 - Click 'Batch Jobs'


Step 2 – Click ‘Appointment to Invoice Creator’ 


Step 3 – Enter the search criteria

  1. Appointments between – The date range of appointments you want to be included. Appointments outside of this date range will not be included.
  2. The ‘Exclude invoiced appointments’ check-box will filter out any appointments that are already linked to invoices.

    The rest of the fields are to further customise the shown appointments, they can be left blank

Step 4 – Click ‘Find Appointments (3)


Step 5 – Select/tick the appointment that you want to include


Step 6 – Click ‘Next’ (4)


Step 7 – Enter the Invoice Parameters

  1. The 'Services to bill for' drop down-box allows you to enter the different service types on the invoices
  2. Selecting ‘Match to Appointment’ will match the practitioner from the appointment to the invoice generated. Leaving it unchecked will allow you to choose one practitioner for all invoices.


Step 8 – Select ‘Create Invoices’ (3) 

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