Purchases - Overview


Purchases are widely used by financial reports, booking appointments and Purchase Orders.

  1. Adding a purchase can be done through the 'Add Purchase' button. More information regarding adding purchases can be found below.
  2. Categories are used to group purchases together. For example a category called 'Motor Vehicle Expenses' could contain the purchases; RACV, petrol and registration. Adding, deleting or editing a category can be done through the 'Categories' button.
  3. The 'Filter Category' drop down box is used to only show purchases from a specific category. If for example you only wanted to view the 'Motor Vehicle Expenses' you would select that from the drop down list and all purchases from that category would be displayed.
  4. The 'Search' function is used to either filter the category search more, or to search for a purchase by its name or invoice number.
  5. A list of all the items and a brief description on them. If the user would like to see more information regarding a purchase they can simply click on the item name which will bring forward more detailed information.

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