Create and Edit Assets

Step 1 - Click on 'Assets' under 'Data' on the dashboard


Step 2 - Click  on 'Add Asset'


Step 3 - Enter in the details of the asset

Asset Field Details

  • Serial Number: A number that will uniquely identify the item.
  • Category: The category the item belongs too. If for example you loan out numerous Laptops and Keyboards you would create a group called I.T. Categories can be added, edited or deleted through the 'Manage' button.
  • Item: The name of the item.
  • Asset Description: A brief description of the item.
  • Alert Level: How low stock levels can go before an alert will be displayed, explaining to the user that their stock levels are dropping too low.
  • In Stock: How much of that item is currently in stock


Step 4 - Click 'Save Asset'


Step 5 - To edit the asset, click on it and enter the details


Step 6 - While in the editing screen you can add loan information by selecting 'Add Loan' 

For more information on how to add loans, please click here.

For information on creating and using asset categories please click here.

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