Appointments Overview

Print Past Appointments
Practitioners have the option to print a list of all the past appointments a client has had. The list will have information including the date/time, practitioner and the invoice number etc.

Print Upcoming Appointments
Practitioners also have the option to print all the upcoming appointments for a client. The list will include information such as the date/time, practitioner and the location etc.

Appointment Alert
This is the message that will be displayed to coreplus users when the Appointment limit has been reached.

Appointment Limits
Clients can have numerous referrals simultaneously and these can all have limits. in the App Limit box, enter how many appointments you would like the client to have for that referral and then click 'Save'. Once the limit has then been reached, the appointment alert will be displayed when another appointment is made on that referral.

Upcoming Appointments
All upcoming appointments that the client has.

Past Appointments
All past appointments are placed on this list, along with their details. Invoices can be created for these past invoices by clicking 'Create Invoice', to the right of the invoice.

Deleted Appointments
All appointments that have deleted will appear here.

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