Make a time slot unavailable

With coreplus calendar it is possible to define schedules using the 'Availability Schedule' feature. However, it may be necessary to 'block out' a certain time for a particular day only. This can be done using a 'one off schedule'. However, an alternative way to do this is to create an appointment that defines the designated time as 'Unavailable'. 


Step 1 - Open the 'Calendar'


Step 2 - Create an appointment

  • Either by double clicking on time slot
  • or by clicking 'Make new appointment'




Step 3 - Name the appointment as 'Unavailable'

  • While not required, the options (1) and reminders (2) may be disabled


Step 4 - Click on 'Save' to complete the appointment

The 'appointment' should now appear on the calendar and remind users that no other appointments should be made during this time.


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