Add Appointments in Room View

  • Before appointments can be added to Rooms, the rooms need to be setup. Information on how this is done can be found here.

Step 1 - Navigate to the Calendar

Step 2 - Select to 'Room view'

  • located on the top right hand side of the calendar

Step 3 - Select the room you would like to add an appointment for

  • From the left of the screen, select which room you would like to add an appointment for.
  • You should notice that as rooms as selected, they are added to the calendar view

Step 4 - Add an appointment

  • Confirm the Room and the practitioner are correct and save appointment

Step 5 - Ensure the appointment was created successfully

  • Once the appointment is created, it should now be displayed on the calendar under the correct room and also the practitioners calendar
  • To edit an appointment, double click on it.

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