Set-up Appointment Types

Why use Appointment Types?

  • Save time when booking appointments.
  • Color code appointments in your calendar.
  • Reporting by Type helps you analyse your practice.
    • Reports > Calendar > Type Breakdown.
  • Link Types to relevant coreplus add-ons.


Step 1 - Open the Calendar



Step 2 - Select 'Appointment Types'


Step 3 - Press 'Add New'


Step 4 - Create some appointment types

  1. Click on 'Add New'
  2. Give it a description
  3. Define the colour that will be used for the appointment
  4. Define the length (optional)
  5. Define a location (optional)
  6. Define a practitioner (optional)
  7. Associate the appointment type with a client group (optional)


Step 5 - Press 'Save'

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