Add a Group Booking

What is this feature?
This is where you can add multiple clients/Patients to an appointment on the Calendar. An example where this might be helpful would be to book attendees for a class.

How can i access this feature?
Dashboard > Calendar > Group Bookings

Adding an Activity

  1. Click on ' Add Group Bookings'
  2. Enter a name for the booking (eg: Yoga class)
  3. Select the date and times of the activity
  4. Define whom will be hosting the activity
  5. Enter any notes about the activity
  6. Select the maximum number of attendees, or check unlimited for an unlimited number of activity attendees
  7. Associate the activity with an appointment type or colour (optional)
  8. Define the location of the activity

Press 'Save Booking' when you are finished

Adding or Removing Attendees to a Group Booking

Once a booking has been created, attendees can be added individually each with their own appointment status and SMS reminder

  1. Begin typing in the clients name to see a list of matching client names
  2. Define if the appointment is billable, no show or canceled
  3. Optionally enter notes in relation to the attendee
  4. Please Note: SMS alerts cannot be sent to clients as part of a Group Booking

Repeat the process to add another attendee

Press 'Save' when you are finished

To remove an attendee, press the red cross at the end of the attendees name, and press 'Save'

Below is an example of how a group booking will appear on the Calendar

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