Generate an invoice from the client list

This process is to create a standard invoice.

Click on the following If you would like to create a Bulk Bill claim/invoice or a Patient claim/invoice

Step 1 - Navigate to the client list

Step 2 - Select a client from the client list

Step 3 - Now select 'Invoicing' and 'Create Invoice'

Step 4 - First Select your invoice options

Medicare Claim
Leave this option as 'No' when creating a standard invoice

Service category
This option is for Medicare Online Claiming

Print Template
Practitioners can edit the layout of their invoices to suit their needs. By selecting predefined templates.

Invoice Populator
You can create a template for multiple service types to appear on the invoice automatically

Invoice Recipient
The recipient of the invoice, who you are billing this invoice to. The recipient may be the client, Insurer, Employer, Referrer, Medicare or site.


Step 5 - Enter the Consultation Information

Date of Consultation
Date the consultation took place.

Contact Type
Different practitioners may have different contact types and want to record this. coreplus allows practitioners to select the contact type weather it be face to face, Phone call or email etc.

Time Consulted
The length of the consultation.

The site that the consultation took place. Information on how sites can be added and managed can be found here.

Provider Numbers
The provider number of the practitioner that took care of the invoice. Information on how provider numbers are entered can be found here.

Link to Calendar Appointment
Appointments and invoices can be linked together to help with managing your practice. All appointments created for a client that have not had an invoice attached to them, will be displayed in this list.

Allocate to referral
If you have activated Client Multidisciplinary, you now have the option to select the referral that is connected to this invoice. Mostly used for Medicare purposes

Step 6 - Enter your billable Items 'Service Types'

  1. You need to add service types first, so you can select them when billing the client
  2. You can select 'Add Service' to add more than one service type
  3. If you need to take payment select either the $ symbol or 'Auto Assign'
    Note: The "Payment/Auto Assign" button is to take payment for the invoice total.

Step 7 - Select 'Save Invoice'

NOTE: Referral Information is the referral information that will automatically appear when you select a referral in the 'Allocate to Referral' drop down menu. This is most commonly used for Medicare Claims

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