Apply a credit or refund to an invoice

Step 1 - Open the relevant client's file, then select 'Invoicing


Step 2 - Select the '$' button or 'Auto Assign'

  • Please note: you need to have applied a payment first before you can apply a refund to the invoice


Step 3 - Press 'Raise Credit/Refund'


Step 4 - Record the refund

  • Enter the 'Refund/Credit Amount $' which is the amount you are refunding the client
  • Select the 'Refund/Credit Payment Method' which is the method being used to refund the money to the client
  • NOTE: If the refund is an item being returned, you need to select the 'Return stock to inventory' tick box so the amount in stock is increased to reflect the item being returned


Step 5 - Update the Invoice


Step 6 - All done!


The invoice should now reflect the refund you have applied as you can see in the invoice image above

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