Invoices - Combine Multiple

This feature allows you to combine several of a client's invoices into a single, summarised invoice. Each invoice that you 'combine' will be a single line item on the combined invoice. 

 Step 1 - Select 'Invoicing' within the client's file


Step 2 - Press 'Combine Multiple'


 Step 3 - Click on the dates of invoice you wish to combine, then click the button above


  • To select an invoice, simply click anywhere on the invoice other than its Invoice No or its Status.
  • Once an invoice has been selected, the text will turn orange, to inform the user the invoice has been selected.
  • Once the desired invoices have been selected, the practitioner can combine them by clicking 'Click on the invoices and then click here'.


Step 4 - Choose additional options, then select 'Print' or 'PDF'

  • The 'Print Template' allows you to choose which print template will be used when the invoices are combined
  • The 'Invoice recipient override' allows you to address the combined invoice to a particular recipient, instead of the original recipients of each of the invoices
  • 'Show invoice details' will show more in-depth information from each of the individual invoices, such as the invoice numbers and provider numbers
  • 'Show client name' allows the client's name to appear next to the services on the combined invoice.

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