Questionnaires - Overview


Questionnaires assist practitioners with patient diagnosis. Once questionnaires have been created they can be undertaken by the patient as many times as required, recording the results each time. The data can later be collated and exported to a Microsoft Excel spread sheet.

Creating a Questionnaire

  • Creating Questionnaires is a simple process that allows you to enter questions, answers, their scores and the results. Upon clicking 'Create Questionnaires' you will be presented with a screen asking for the name and the number of questions.
  • Enter the questions, number of answers, method of displaying the answers, if the answer is required, and then click 'next'.
  • Enter each answer per question, and the score each answer will retain. Proceed by clicking 'next'.
  • Specify the scores which will give the corresponding result, and then click 'next'.
  1. Allows the user to use the questionnaire without the results being attached to a clients file.
  2. Exports the Questionnaire and all the related data to an excel spread sheet. This allows the user to be able to view all the questionnaire results from all clients in a single view.
  3. This button deletes the questionnaire and all related data. Once deleted, the Questionnaire and its related data cannot be recovered.


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