Upload a document to Shared or Personal Files

Uploading Shared or Personal Files gives you the abiltiy to upload document or files to an area which is 'Private' to your account, or can 'Shared' to other employees in your coreplus practice

Step 1 - Select 'Files' on your coreplus Dashboard



  • Shared Files are available for viewing and editing from all users within the system. Files can be uploaded and deleted to the shared directory by anyone.
  • Personal files can only be viewed by the user who's account it is. They will not be shared with any other user in the organisation.


Step 2 - Select 'New Directory' to create a new folder


Step 3 - Type name of folder and click 'Create'


Step 4 - Select Folder you wish to upload files to


Note: You will notice the Working Directory name will change to the file you have selected. This means you are working within this file.


Step 5 - Click on 'Choose File'

This will direct you to your local computer's directories so that you can choose the file you wish to upload.


Step 6 - Once file is selected, click 'Upload'


Step 7 - The file will now save in the folder in your coreplus account

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