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Setting up your coreplus calendar defaults allows you manage calendar sharing, default appointment settings, iCal URL's and much more. Having your defaults defined also allows for faster calendaring too.

How can I access this feature?
Select "More" followed by "Settings" fropm your coreplus calendar.

'Permissions' tab

This tab allows you to control which other users have access to your calendar. By default, no one has access to it except yourself. By ticking the relevant boxes next to each user's name you are able to give them permission to view your calendar or create, edit and delete appointments.

For example, in the above picture the user 'Harry Bloggs' has permission to view our calendar, as well as create and edit appointments for us. However, he cannot delete them.

'Defaults' Tab

Defining your new appointment defaults speeds up the appointment creation process. This tab allows you to define which practitioner and location will be set by default, the appointment length and whether an SMS reminder (for the client) or an appointment reminder (for the practitioner) will be scheduled.

'Search Defaults' Tab

The find Best Fit (FBF) is an extremely powerful appointment availability search tool within coreplus. It allows practitioners calendars, schedules and availabilities to all be searched simultaneously making the booking process extremely quick, easy and accurate. The above settings will automatically set the relevant fields in the 'Find best fit' when you choose to use it to make searching easier.

'Other' Tab

This tab allows you to define several different visual options and functions to customise your calandar to your own needs.


  • Calendar Slot Interval: Defines if the calendar is viewed in either in 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minute intervals
  • Appointment Font Color: Define the appointment font text color to be either black or white
  • Appointment Font Size: Define the appointment font text size
  • Appointment Search Auto-Open: Define if when clicking 'Make New Appointment' if the 'Find Best Fit' window should open automatically
  • Show Calendar Times Between: Define the start and end times that are shown on the calendar
  • Time Selector Interval: This defines the time increments that can be selected when booking new appointments.
  • Default Calendar View: Define whether you want your calendar to default to the Day or Week view when opened
  • Show Weekends on Week View: Define whether weekends should be shown while in week view
  • Default Timezone: Define the timezone that reflects the location you work in. The 'Manage other practitioners' button allows you to define this for other users as well.
  • Allow case managers to manage schedules: Define whether case managers have the ability to define their own schedules. If this field is set to 'No', then Supervisors will be responsible for defining all schedules
  • Open calendar in new window: If set to 'Yes', your calendar will open in a new Internet browser tab/window when you select it from the dashboard. If set to 'No' it will open within your current Internet browser window.

'iCal' Tab

This tab stores the iCal URL's for your own calendar as well as that of other users (if you have permission to view them).

The iCal Calendar URL allows you to sync your coreplus calendar with any iCal enabled device. Please see here for more instructions.

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