Setup Availability Schedules

Step 1 - Open your calendar


Step 2 - Click 'Create Schedule'


Please note: You must be in day view to see the 'Create schedule' button, not week view. This can be toggled by clicking 'Week/Day View'.


Step 3 - Define your schedule


Many availability schedules can be defined per practitioner, as long as schedules do not clash.

  1. Select the practitioner whom this schedule will apply to
  2. Select the frequency of this schedule (every week, alternate week, every 3rd week, once a month)
  3. Define if the schedule will enforce stick breaks (see below for definition)
  4. Define if this schedule will be a one off schedule
  5. Specify the dates which this schedule will apply between. Please note: Schedules can only be defined up to 1 year
  6. Publish this schedule to HealthEngine? If selected, clients will be able to book themselves into your calendar directly.
  7. Select the days which the schedule applies for
  8. Define the start and end time of session 1 and the location
  9. Define a lunch break
  10. Define the start and end time of session 2 and the location

When the schedule has been defined, press 'Save Schedule'. If there are conflicts with other schedules, coreplus will alert you.


Allocation Blocks (optional)



Within sessions 1 and 2, allocation blocks can (optionally) be defined so blocks can be color coded or appointment types defined. Specifying allocation blocks allows for particular types of appointments to be specified within sessions. Multiple allocation blocks can be specified within each session.

  1. Click on 'Allocate'
  2. Specify the 'Duration' of the allocation block
  3. Select the 'Color' of the allocation block (optional)
  4. Select the Appointment type (optional). Appointment Types are pre defined elsewhere in the calendar
  5. To add another allocation block within the session, press the 'Green Plus' (optional)
  6. When you are finished, press the 'OK' button

When you have finished defining allocation blocks, press 'Save Schedule'

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