Appointment Reminder Replies (and Other Notifications)

The 'Notifications' feature presents all system-generated notifications in coreplus. Primarily, this includes replies to your automatic SMS reminders for appointments and calendar notifications.


Step 1 - select 'Communication', then 'Notifications' from the Dashboard


Step 2 - View all of your notifications

You can now see all messages you have received. As pictured above, you can receive messages from the 'SMS Notifier', which lists responses to SMS appointment reminders. Other calendar reminders may also appear in this list.


When notifications are sent your notification feed will update automatically


When a new notification message is generated, your notification feed will appear in the bottom-right hand corner of coreplus. The 'Notifications' bar will be coloured dark-green, which indicates that you've received a new message (pictured above-left).

You can press the 'minimise' button on the 'Notifications' feed to reduce it's size. When this is done, the bar will change to a pale green (pictured top-right) - this indicates that there are no unread messages.

When you have received an SMS reminder reply, the content of the reply is displayed in the message. You are also able to reply to the relevant client by clicking on the 'Reply' link in the notification. 


Who can see/receive these notifications?

This is controlled by the 'Notification Messages when SMS received' option, found by selecting 'Settings' under 'Setup' on the Dashboard. 


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