Calendar Report - Statistics

The calendar statistic report breaks down the number of billable, cancelled and no show appointments with specific criteria.


Step 1 - Finding the report.

Click on 'Calendar' under 'Reports' and then 'Statistics'


Step 2 - Generating the Report.


  1. Select a date range of appointments that you want to search on
  2. Optionally define the practitioners calendars where appointments were made
  3. Optionally define the groups of clients to query
  4. Indicate if you only wish to search for appointments marked as billable only. Deselecting this option will search both non-billable and billable appointments

Press 'Generate' when you are finished.


Once the report has been generated, a percentage breakdown between no show, cancellations and completed appointments will be shown. The clients who have no show or cancelled can be seen by clicking 'Show/Hide Clients'

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