Set up mail on iPhone/iPad/Android

iPhone / iPad

  1. Navigate to, Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account > Microsoft Exchange.
  2. Enter the relevant information
  • Email: Your coreplus email address(Example:
  • Domain: Intracore
  • Username: Your coreplus username
  • Password: Your coreplus password

Once the relevant information has been entered, click Next. The iPhone will attempt to resolve the mail settings but wont be able to. Another field labeled 'Server' will then appear. Enter '' into this field and click Next again.

Once the settings have been validated, you will be asked to select what would like to sync (Mail, Contacts, Calendars). Select Mail and then click 'Save'.

Once complete, go to the iPhones Mail application to ensure all works well.


  1. Navigate to Settings > Accounts and sync > Add account > Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
  2. Enter the relevant information
  • Email Address: Your coreplus email address(Example:
  • Password: Your coreplus password
  • Domain: Leave as is
  • Exchange Server: (The Android will attempt to fill this field in automatically. It is missing the 'www' however and needs to be filled in manually.)
  • Keep 'Use secure connection (SSL)' ticked

Once the relevant information has been entered, click Next. If all details are correct, the android will then present you with a screen allowing for personal choices. Once you have entered your personal choices click 'Next', enter a Name and then 'Save'.

Once complete, confirm the mail setup has worked by navigating to your Mail application and attempting to sync your mail.

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