Import data into coreplus

Generally businesses that transfer to coreplus have already been operating for numerous years and have accumulated great amounts of client data. Instead of manually importing all this data, coreplus provides an easy solution - us importing it for you!

Please note: we only perform one data import per account.

What is the process?

  1. Contact our Customer Service Team and let us know of what data you'd like imported (e.g. client information, referring doctors, service types and so on). 
  2. We will send you back some templates that demonstrate how your data should be formatted so it can be imported. Format your data to match these templates to the best of your ability. 
  3. Email the data back to our Customer Service Team
  4. Our team will examine the data and provide a quote to complete the import, if applicable
  5. Once the quote has been approved, the Development Team will begin to import the data to coreplus.
  6. Once all data has been imported, an email will be sent back to confirm the completion and an invoice will also be sent out.

Free of Charge

  • Client data
  • Referrer data

Requires analysis and quote

  • Appointments
  • Service Types

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