The Essential Guide to Reports

Reports in coreplus enable you to view a wide range of statistics and information about your business, using this information can better equip you to manage your practice on a business level.

This guide will show you how effective these tools can be and the best way to implement them in the day-to-day running of your practice.

This is the Reports menu, you can find this menu to the left of your screen from the main dashboard of coreplus. As you can see there are different categories of reports available to assist you in understanding various aspects of your practice.



Financial reports allow you to view information based on a number of defined parameters, by effectively utilising these reports you can segregate information by Practitioner, Service Type, Client Groups and many more.

Within the Financial reports section you will also find one of the most useful and widely used reports within coreplus, the "Daily Banking" report. This can be used to balance your tills at the end of each day and reconcile your received payments against invoices created for that day.



Calendar reports can show you statistical data based on the appointments and schedules that you create within your coreplus calendar.

This will enable you to keep track of the number of appointments that are being booked in your practice as well as how those appointments are managed.



Client reports are used to capture data based on the various aspects of your client files, you can segregate this information by a number of different fields including sites, referrers and condition.

These reports can also be used to see how many clients each practitioner currently has assigned to them, this report is particularly useful as it enables you to view how workloads are distributed in your practice.



Medicare reporting is a powerful tool that ties in directly with the integrated Medicare claiming functionality of coreplus, you can view information based on how your claims are being processed and paid by Medicare and classify this information based on practitioner or client groups.

This information allows you to gain a better understanding of how Medicare claims are processed using online integrated claiming and keep track of how those claims are then reconciled within coreplus.




Event/SMS reports are used to gather information based on your usage of coreplus, using this feature you can see SMS information including numbers of messages sent and received, Client Events such as when case notes have been added and when invoices have been created for a client and the hours you and your team have spent logged on to coreplus.

Using this information will allow you to keep track of how the features of coreplus are being used by your team, this will give you a better understanding of how your team works within your practice.

By utilising all of these features in unison you can gain a complete understanding of how your practice works, please get in touch with our support team if you have any questions about using these reports.

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