Apply for Medicare online claiming

What will I need to do?

  1. Download and complete the 'Public Key Infrastructure Site Certificate' form from Medicare's website.
  2. When filling out this form you will need to supply your location/minor ID, which is found within your coreplus account. This is like your unique ID for Medicare claiming. 
  3. Submit the form to Medicare!

Medicare will usually take one to two weeks to process your submission. Once they are done, they should send you your Site Certificate CD. At this point, you can upload your site certificate to coreplus.


Is there anything else I should know?

  1. It is highly recommend that you call Medicare on 1800 700 199, as you may be required to fill out additional forms. 

    • For example, you may need to fill out a banking details form so Medicare know where to deposit your rebates.
    • You will also need to let Medicare know which provider numbers should be linked to your Site Certificate.
    • If they are not linked up correctly, Medicare could reject some of your claims.

  2. You will not need to apply for more than one Site Certificate, even if you practice from multiple locations or have multiple practitioners. As mentioned above, as long as all provider numbers are linked to your Site Certificate then your claims should go through successfully.

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