Upload a Site Certificate

You are able to upload your Site Certificate after you have applied for it and have received your CD from Medicare in the post. If you haven't applied just yet, learn how to here.


Step 1 - Insert the CD from Medicare into your computer


Step 2 - Select 'Add-Ons' and then 'Medicare'

Step 3 - Upload the files from the CD into coreplus

As shown above, there are five files that need to be uploaded into coreplus.

  1. Select 'Choose File' or 'Browse' next to 'fac_encrypt.p12'.
  2. From the pop-up that appears, locate your CD drive/directory.
  3. There should be a file on the CD named ''fac_encrypt.p12'. Select this file to upload it into coreplus.
  4. Repeat steps 1 - 3 above for the four remaining files. There should be corresponding files on the CD for all the file names listed in the above picture.


Step 4 - Complete the remaining information

Descriptions on all these fields can be seen below:

Medicare PIC Code
This should have been received around the same time as you received your CD from Medicare. Ensure all characters are entered, including any symbols.


Provider Number
The provider number that was given when submitting the forms to Medicare. Ensure this is the exact same provider number, otherwise the Site Certificate will not be created successfully.


Email Address
Please enter the exact email address that was used when submitting the forms to Medicare. The email address must be exactly the same (All characters) or the site certificate will not be created successfully.


Please note: Only one Location/Minor ID is required for an entire business regardless of how many practitioners or sites you may operate from. If a business has ten practitioners working at ten different sites, Medicare and coreplus still only require one Location/Minor ID.


Step 5 - Press 'Create PSI Store'

After pressing this button, coreplus will automatically generate your Medicare online store for you. Please note, that this may take a few minutes to complete.


Step 6 - Check your emails for confirmation that the store has been created

If the email explains that the store was not generated successfully, you should be provided with possible reasons as to why. Common reasons why the store is not created successfully are:

  • The PIC code was entered incorrectly (Ensure all characters are entered)
  • The email address was entered incorrectly

You can check that the store is working correctly by running an Online Patient Verification check. Once the Store has been created, you can begin your Online Claiming with coreplus by submitting Bulk Bill or Patient Claims.

After your Site Certificate is uploaded, you can define your Online Claiming defaults. Learn more here.

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