Claim the Kilometres travelled for a DVA consultation

Step 1 - Create a 'KM' service type

As pictured above, create a new service type. The 'Item number' needs to be 'KM' (with no other numbers or characters), the fee is left as $0. The description can be anything you wish. 

Please note: you only need to set up this service type once.


Step 2 - When creating a DVA claim, insert the 'KM' service

When creating your claim, enter the 'KM' service type you have created as you would with any other service type.


Step 3 - Enter the amount of kilometres travelled


After you enter the service type in Step 2, a 'Flags' screen will automatically pop up. Simply enter the amount of kilometres you wish to claim and press 'OK'


Step 4 - Complete the rest of your claim as normal and submit it to Medicare

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