Getting Your Client Portal Ready - From Start to Finish

Follow this guide and your Client Portal will be ready to use.

Step 1 - Enable the Client Portal 

  • Select 'Add-ons' from the Dashboard, then click on 'Client Portal' (as pictured above).

  • From there, click the 'Enable' button to activate the Client Portal.


Step 2 - Define your Portal Settings

  • Set up your logo & new Client Portal website address.

  • Ensure the available settings are aligned to your practice's needs.


Step 3 - Update your Practitioner Profiles

  • Clients will use practitioner's specialities in the Client Portal. You'll need to ensure the specialities are configured accurately.

  • Specialities can also be thought of as the type of treatment the client requires (e.g. psychology, physiotherapy).

  • Upload profile pictures for your practitioners. These will be visible in the Client Portal.


Step 4 - Map Specialities to Appointment Types

  • As the name suggests, appointment types are used to define the types of appointments you can book on your calendar (e.g. initial consults, follow-ups) and also defines appointment lengths.

  • You can map these to your specialities, so that when a client chooses a particular one they can also choose the type of appointment they require.


Step 5 - Create/enable schedules
  • Schedules are used to publish availability to your Client Portal so that your clients can see when you are available.

  • This is done just like setting up normal coreplus schedules. The only extra step is ticking the "Publish to Client Portal" checkbox, as pictured below



 Step 6 - Test your Client Portal

  • Good news! Your Client Portal, including the practitioner and scheduling elements, are now configured.

  • It's important that you test your Client Portal before making it available to your clients.

  • We recommend loading your Client Portal in a new web browser; and making a number of appointments. Be sure to delete these later.

  • Use fake client names like "Test Test" will help you confirm your appointment tests in your calendar later on.

  • Confirm appointments are visible in your calendar. Client Portal bookings are marked with a small triangle in the top-right of the appointment block. 

  • You may feel like updating some settings (as listed above) to refine your Client Portal as you desire.


Step 7 - Publish your Client Portal

  • Now you're ready to encourage your clients to use your Client Portal.

  • We recommend adding a button to your website; labelled 'Book Online'.

  • Contact your website administrator, web designer, or web developer for more help.

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