Setup Practitioner Profiles

Setting up your Practitioner Profiles allows you to define what is presented to clients through online booking add-ons like Client Portal or HealthEngine.

This includes your practitioner's speciality or specialities and their profile image.


Step 1 -  Select 'Settings' under 'Setup', then 'User Profile'



Step 2 - Choose the Practitioner whose Profile you'd like to modify


Step 3 - Update the Profile


Explanation of Practitioner Profile settings

Refer to the image above.

  1. The name of the practitioner as you would like it to appear on your Client Portal.

  2. A short description of that practitioner.

  3. The mobile phone of the practitioner, so that they can receive SMS notifications of new appointments.

  4. The email address of the practitioner, so that they can receive emailed notifications of new appointments.

  5. Select the relevant specialties for the practitioner. These will appear on your Client Portal when a client is booking in with this practitioner.

  6. Upload an image from your local computer to the practitioner's profile. Again, this will appear on your Client Portal for this practitioner.

  7. Select the 'Publish' box so that this practitioner will appear as available on your Portal, and vice-versa if you do not wish for them to appear.

  8. Press 'Save' to commit your changes, or 'Cancel' to revert them.

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