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About Xero & coreplus

The Xero sync feature allows invoices and payments recorded in coreplus to be synchronised to a corresponding Xero account. This allows you to take advantage of the powerful accountancy tools Xero has to offer as well as reconcile coreplus revenue with actual bank transactions recorded with Xero.


Note: You will need to sign up with Xero in order to utilise this feature. You can try Xero for free at


Step 1 - select 'Add-ons'


Step 2 - Select 'Xero'



Step 3 - enter Xero Sync Settings


1. Revenue Account for Allocation of Invoice
The revenue account for allocation of invoices should correspond to a 'revenue' account that is set up in Xero. The codes must match exactly.
Unpaid invoice items should be available to reconcile against the bank feed in Xero.


2. Bank Account for Allocation of Invoice Payments
The code set for allocation of invoice payments should correspond to a 'current asset' account that is set up in Xero. The codes much match exactly.


3. Default Invoice Status
This is the default invoice status that will be set in Xero.


4. Tax Type for invoices with $0 GST
This is the tax type that will be set for invoices with $0 GST on them

  • Invoices synced with 'GST Free Income' will be included in your BAS reports
  • Invoices synced with 'BAS Excluded' will not be included in your BAS reports


5. Save Settings
Select 'Save Settings' to confirm any changes made to the above details.


6. View Sync History
This button displays all invoices that have been previously synced to Xero along with its status (whether the sync was successful or not).


Please note: For the codes in points one and two, these must correspond to the codes found in Xero by navigating to 'Settings' and then 'Chart of Accounts'.


Step 4 - select 'Authorise' and enter your Xero user credentials to authorise your account

After the correct information has been entered and the 'Authorise' button clicked, the above screen should appear. Enter your Xero credentials to log in to your Xero account. The screen below should then appear. By clicking on this 'Authorise' button you are allowing coreplus and Xero to integrate with each other which allows the daily sync to occur.


Step 5 - Select 'Authorise Application'


Step 6 - Congratulations!


Congratulations! If you are presented with the screen above, you have successfully integrated coreplus with Xero. Invoices and payments should now sync over to Xero at the end of every day.


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