Setting Up HealthEngine

Please note: the following guide is for setting up HealthEngine with your coreplus account. You will also need to contact the HealthEngine team separately in order to get setup with them. For more information, please visit their website.


Step 1 - Select 'Add Ons' under 'Setup', then 'HealthEngine'



Step 2 - Review the timezone settings for all users, tick the 'Enable Access' box, then press 'Update'

After pressing 'Update' an access token will be generated for you. The HealthEngine team will require this so that they can connect your HealthEngine and coreplus accounts together.



Step 3 (if required) - Update user timezones

This is done by opening your calendar, selecting the 'Settings' option on the left of screen, then selecting the 'Other' tab.


Step 4 - Define schedules that will be visible to HealthEngine

This is done by ticking the 'Publish to HealthEngine' tick box, then either saving or updating the schedule.

You can either create new schedules or update existing ones so that they are visible to HealthEngine. The schedules that you publish represent the times that clients will be able to make bookings on to your calendar through HealthEngine.


Step 5 - Ensure that all your 'Sites' have postcodes defined

You are able to edit your Sites through 'Settings'.

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