Make the most out of the coreplus SMD Hub

Being available through SMD is only part of the equation.

To really leverage the SMD Hub you'll need to spread the word throughout your peer network that they can reach you via SMD.

Inform your existing referrers. Reach out & let them know the good news.

Now is also a good time to contact other general practices in your area.

Quick tips to help you prepare...

  • Take note of your confirmed 'SMD Address'; which is created when SMD registration is complete.

    This is the email address general practices' will need to use when sending you a secure message.

  • Prepare a letter and/or email to send to the GP's in your area; using your standard word processor and/or email client.

    The purpose here is to inform these clinics & practices that you are now compliant with SMD and can receive referrals.

    You might benefit from including your standard marketing material for referrers.

  • A week after you send out your email or letter, place a follow up call with the clinics & practices to ensure they received your letter/email; and that you've been added to their SMD referral 'address book'.

James Hogan -

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