A quick overview of Secure Message Delivery (SMD) Hub

Learn all about the coreplus SMD Hub on our website.

How much does it cost?

Secure Message Delivery: Pricing

Item Description Price
Item 1 SMD setup fee: Nil
Item 2                 SMD annual subscription: Nil
Item 3                SMD monthly subscription: Nil
Item 4                SMD cost per message received¹: $1.00
Item 5                SMD cost per message sent*: N/A

¹does not apply to confirmation messages

*message sending is not currently available.


Integrated with coreplus.

Being connected allows you to receive referrals and documents electronically and securely.

With a few simple clicks you can assign the document to a client & a practitioner within your coreplus account.

Practitioners are able to view these documents from the client's file.  


What versions of HL7 and CDA are supported?

    • HL7 V2.3, V2.3.1
    • ORU R01, REF I12, Nehta MDM T02
    • Nehta CDA eReferrals, Discharge Summaries and Specialist Letters
    • Acknowledgements ACK R01, RRI I12
    • OBX Formats Text, HL7 Formatted Text, PDF, RTF, JPG (other old formats such as PIT within the OBX is not supported)
    • OBX Formats can be HL7 Escaped or Base64 encoded
    • None to One OBR Result Set supported per HL7 Message


How do I get started?

Learn how to setup your coreplus account for Secure Message Delivery Hub. 

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