Create a Letter Template

Step 1 - Select 'Settings' under 'Setup'

Step 2 - Select 'Letters'



Step 3 - Design your template, and use the 'Insert Information' feature to make generating letters easier

Using the variables under the 'Insert information' drop down makes letter generation much easier. When you use your template to generate letters for clients, referrers etc. these variables will automatically be populated with the relevant information. These are shown on your template with a # symbol on each side (as shown above). To insert a variable, simply click on the desired place in your template, then select it from the drop-down list.


 Step 4 - Insert images into your template (Optional)


1. Select the 'Insert Image' button

2. Click on the image you would like to insert and it will automatically go into the template. Note: You may need to upload your image to coreplus first


Step 5 - Define your letter margins (optional)

You can define a margin for each side of the letter. Setting a margin will mean that the content of your letter will appear further towards the centre of the page (as pictured above).


Step 6 - Save your template


1. Press the 'Save' button

2. Enter your template name, then press 'OK'

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