Create letter Headers/Footers on a template

Creating headers and footers allows you to insert contents in your letters that appears on every page of the letter. 


Step 1 - Start by creating or editing a letter template

For a step-by-step guide on how this is done, please click here.


Step 2 - Select either of the 'Letter Header End' or 'Letter Footer Start' options from the 'Insert Information' drop-down list


After selecting either of these options, the appropriate variable will be inserted into the letter area.

As pictured, the 'Letter Header End' option inserts the #header-end# tag, and the 'Letter Footer Start' option inserts the #footer-start# tag.

Please note: These tags only appear when editing letters or templates so it is easy to see where the header/footer will be. The tags will not appear when the letter is previewed, printed or saved.


Step 3 - Insert the header/footer contents

As pictured above:

  • All content placed above the #header-end# tag will appear at the top of every page of the letter
  • Similarly, all content placed beneath the #footer-start# tag will appear at the bottom of every page of the letter
  • You can place text, images or tags from the 'Insert information' drop-down list into the header and footer
  • The main letter content is placed between the #header-end# and #footer-start# tags

The header and footer will be sized appropriately based on the content that is inserted. In other words, as images and text are made bigger and smaller the space required for the header/footer will increase or decrease


Step 4 - Complete the rest of the letter or template


The finished product should appear similar to the below image!

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