Generate a letter

Step 1 - Open a client's file with either the 'Search' or the 'Client List'



Step 2 - Click on the 'Generate Letter' button



Step 3 - Generate your Letter

The simplest way of generating the letter is by selecting from the drop-down lists above the letter (as pictured above). 

  1. Select a 'Recipient'
  2. You can then select from the remaining three drop-down lists.
  3. After selecting 'Select Template' the letter will automatically generate in the the text field below


Step 4 (Optional) - Make any final changes to your letter

After generating the letter with a template, you can optionally make some further changes to it. For example, you can manually type in more information or select more information to include from the 'Insert information' drop-down.


Step 5 - Finish the letter writing process

After the letter is complete, you can print, save, email or pdf the letter.

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