Create an Email Appointment Reminder Template

 For information on how to schedule email reminders for your appointments, please click here.

Step 1 - Select 'Settings'


Step 2 - Select 'Email Appointment Reminder'


Step 3 - Select the days prior to the appointment you would like the email to be sent


Step 4 - Enter the Email address that you would like to appear when the email is sent



Step 5 - Begin typing the Email template using the instructions


What are placeholders?
Placeholders are identified by the two '&' symbols surrounding the word (e.g. &clientname&) which change depending on the client and date/time of the appointment. For example, if you had "Hi &clientname&" in your template, when the email is sent out for your client John, email will read "Hi John".


Step 6 - Click 'Save' when complete



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