Chat to your team

The chat feature allows you to communicate in real-time with other practitioners that are logged in to coreplus. This works in a similar way to coreplus' Live Chat, or some social media chat applications.

Step 1 - Select the chat icon at the bottom of your sidebar


Step 2 - Click on the person that you'd like to chat with

The 'status' column indicates who is available to chat with. 'Online' users are currently logged into coreplus and will receive your message immediately. You can also send a message to an 'Offline' user; they will receive your message the next time they log in.  

Step 3 - Send your message



After selecting who you would like to chat with, a chat window will appear in the bottom-right hand corner. Simply type your message and press the 'Enter' key to send.

You do not have to remain within the 'Chat' feature to wait for a reply. The chat window will appear on any screen in coreplus when the other user replies to you. 

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