The Client List

Through the client list, you can access any client you, or a member of the team have created (as long as the correct client sharing permissions are setup). Filter and search by name, sites, client groups, Medicare card number and other client details. 
How do I access the client list?

Step 1 - Select 'Clients' from Dashboard


Welcome to the client list



How do I filter and search the client list?

Step 1 - Select 'Filters' to expand the section


Step 2 - Enter the text to filter for. Selecting the three lines button to the right will help to narrow down the search criteria


Step 3 - Click 'Update' to search the client list

  • Use the 'Go to client' search to be taken directly to a patient's file based off the name search.
  • A client can be search for on any of the below criteria:
    • Name
    • Medicare Card Number
    • Site 
    • Client Group
    • Address
    • Email
    • Home Phone
    • Mobile
    • CRN
    • External ID


How do I reset or clear the search?

Select 'Clear Filters' from the top of the client list



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