Client Multidisciplinary - Adding Mulitple Referrals to a client file

When you have activated the Multidisciplinary feature, this is the process on how to add a new client
First you need to create and save a new client file

Step 1 - Edit the client file

After you have saved the client file, you will directed to the client overview. Here you can edit the client file details by selecting 'details'


Step 2 - Now connect your referrals to the client file by clicking 'Manage Referrals'

Step 3 - Select 'Add Referrals' to continue adding more referrals. Click 'Save' once your done

Step 4 - Once you finished, Save all changes to client file by clicking 'Update Client'

More information about Managing Referrals

General Information and setting up the function
Referral's can be logged, managed and added through here which provides practitioners with a quick and easy way to view and manage previous and current referrals. This section is primarily used when a client has multiple referrals and practitioners would like to add them to the system while having the flexibility to control its attributes.
To use this feature within coreplus, it must first be enabled. Enabling it can can be done by following the steps found here.

Add Referral
Adding a new referral can be done through the 'Add Referral' button. This will bring forward another line allowing practitioners to enter the dates, the referrer and the Practitioner etc. Once the appropriate details have been entered, the practitioner can save the referral by clicking 'Save'. The referral will now be saved onto the system, were it can be viewed or edited at a later date.
Please note, when adding a referral one of the following fields must have an input before the referral can be saved (Referral date, Referral Expiry and Referrer). If all of these fields are blank, the system will not allow the referral to be saved. Also note that referrals are not placed onto the system until 'Save' has been clicked. If the information has been inputted but the 'Save' button not clicked, the referral will disappear once the screen is closed.

Referrer List
The 'Referrer List' button will bring forward a screen displaying current referrers, their information and allow practitioners to add, edit or delete referrers. More information regarding the referrer list, can be found here.

Manage Client Access
Practitioners have the option to share their clients with other practitioners through the Share Clients function. This function sets all clients to be shared with the selected practitioners, which some practitioners may not want. Through here practitioners can set specific clients files to be shared instead of all the clients files. So if a practitioner has 40 clients under their name and they wanted to only share one, they can do so through here. Simply select which practitioners, you would like the clients file to be shared with and click 'Update'. This is great for keeping clients files safe while allowing practitioners the flexibility to share selected client files.

Referral Details

  1. Referral Date
  2. Referral Expiry is when the referral expires.
  3. The referrer is who referred the client to the business / practitioner. Once the practitioner has started typing the referrers name, a list of all the relevant names will appear allowing the practitioner to select the correct name from the list (saving time). Information on adding, editing or deleting referrers can be found here.
  4. The practitioner who will be taking care of the referral.
  5. These groups can be used to categorize clients into custom groups that have been previously set by the practitioner. These can be added and deleted through the edit button besides the 'Client Group' field. The client group field can be accessed from the Client Details Screen.
  6. Notes is an area were practitioners can enter notes about the referral. The practitioner can enter notes on whatever he / she would like or not enter any notes at all.
  7. The 'Active' check box is used to easily display weather the referral is still active or not. Selecting the check box means it is still active and de-selecting it means the referral is no longer active.
  8. The 'Save' and 'Delete' buttons do exactly what their names depict. If a practitioner has created a new referral or edited an existing one, they would save the referral by clicking 'Save' (Please note: changes will not be updated on the system unless 'Save' is clicked). If the practitioner wants to delete a referral, they can do so through the 'Delete' button. Once a referral has been deleted is cannot be recovered.

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