Medicare - Claim Status

This report will supply you a breakdown of your Medicare claims, depending on their status in the system. It's very useful for finding exactly where your claims are at, and which you might need to follow up. Our guide on common Medicare errors could be useful in following up any claims that you're having trouble with. 



  • Claims between: Any claims submitted between these dates will be searched for when running the report
  • Successful: Any claims that were successfully sent to Medicare, where Medicare have sent back confirmation that the claim has been rebated as expected
  • Rejected: Any claims that were sent to Medicare, but Medicare have responded with a rejection
  • Failed to Transmit: These will be claims that have not made it to Medicare. They will have failed either due to preliminary errors with the claim, or Medicare server issues
  • Unsent: Claims that have been created, but have not yet been sent to Medicare

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