Calendar Report - Inactive Clients

The inactive client report displays a list of clients who have not been seen within a specified period of time. This report can be used to market to patients who were once customers in your practice previously.

Step 1 - Finding the report


Click on 'Calendar' under 'Reports' and then 'Inactive Clients'


Step 2 - Generating the report.


  1. Select the period of how long clients have not been seen for
  2. Optionally define the practitioners who clients are allocated to
  3. Optionally define the groups of clients to query
  4. Define if the clients status is current, closed or either
  5. Indicate if you want to ignore future appointments. When this option is selected, if a patient has not been seen within a specified period of time, however they have an upcoming appointment, they will be excluded from the report.

Press 'Generate' when you are finished.

Once the report has been generated, a list of clients not seen will be displayed.

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