Calendar Report - Unbilled

Invoices can be generated from the calendar so they can be linked to an invoice to show that the appointment has been billed for. The unbilled appointments report displays a list of appointments which are yet to be billed.

Step 1 - Finding the report


Click on 'Calendar' under 'Reports' and then 'Unbilled'


Step 2 - Generating the report


What do the fields in the image above mean?

  • Appointments between
  • The date range which appointments should fall between for them to be placed onto the list.
  • Client Groups
  • Clients can be apart of a client group. Select these check boxes to only grab appointments for clients who belong to a specific client group.
  • Display
  • On the appointment screen, you are able to specify weather the appointment is a no-show or has been canceled etc. The Unbilled report is able to work with this by being able to only show appointments that are no-shows for example. So if you would like a report that only shows unbilled appointments that are marked as no-shows, you would select no-show from the drop down list.


Once the criteria has been entered and the report generated, a screen similar to the one above should be displayed.

What do the fields in the image above mean?

  • Client Name
  • The name of the client who relates to the appointment. You are able to navigate directly to the clients file by clicking on their name.
  • Status
  • The status that is set on the appointment. This can be booked, canceled or rescheduled etc. If the status is not booked, but canceled for example, it will display in a different color to make things more readable.
  • Client Group
  • The group that the client belongs too (If any).
  • Booked By
  • The user who booked in the appointment.
  • Appointment date
  • The date and time of the appointment.
  • Notes
  • The notes that are on the appointment (If any).
  • Booked At
  • The date and time that the appointment was booked in.
  • Practitioner
  • The practitioner that is set on the appointment.

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