Calendar Report - Type Breakdown

This report works together with appointment types to see which appointment type has been used the most and how much time has been spent on each appointment type. Further to this, the report can break down each appointment type by practitioner and show the individual appointments.


Step 1 - Finding the report

Click on 'Calendar' under 'Reports' and then 'Type Breakdown'



Step 2 - Generating the report


What do i need to do before this feature can be used?
Before this report can be used, appointment types are required to be setup and have been used.

What does the criteria in the image above mean?

  • Appointments between
  • Select the date range of which appointments to search
  • Practitioners
  • Optionally define which practitioners to include in the search
  • Client Groups
  • You are optionally able to define which client groups should be included in the search. Client groups are defined and assigned from the client details screen.
  • Breakdown by referrer
  • The report can be broken down either by practitioner or referrer. If you would like to see a breakdown of appointment types by practitioner keep this unselected. If you would like to break down the report by referrers, select this check box.


Once the report has been generated information similar to the above two images should be presented. More information on these two screens and the information they present can be found below.

Summary Breakdown
This is a simple breakdown of all appointment types, how many times each one has been used and a total time spent on each one. For example if an appointment type takes up 1 hour and the appointment type is used 20 times, the 'Total Length' would be 20 hours.

Detailed Breakdown
The second image presents a more detailed breakdown of the report. Depending on weather the 'Break down by referrer' check box was selected or not depicts how this screen will look.

  • If the check box was selected, a breakdown report similar to the one in the second image will appear however with some differences. The differences are that the location, practitioner and Appointments heading are replaced with 'Referrer'. This allows administrators to see how many appointment types have been obtained through each referrer thus showing which referrer is bringing in more referrals.
  • If the check box is not selected a screen very similar to the one above should appear. From here you should be able to find out detailed information about each appointment type and also the relative appointments that used this appointment type (By using the 'Show/Hide Appointments' button).

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