Client Report - Residential

The residential report looks at the addresses of your clients, and calculates geographically determines where your clients are coming from. This report can assist with targeted area marketing, such as flyer drop-offs. This report additionally ties in with Google Maps, where blue markers indicate your offices, and red markers indicate postcodes.

To access this report, go to 'Dashboard' > 'Client' > 'Residential'

Generating a Residential Report


  1. Optionally define the sites of which patients are allocated to
  2. Optionally define groups
  3. Optionally define which practitioners calendars to search in
  4. Define the status of client files to either current, closed or both

Press 'Generate' when you are finished.


To show the clients recorded within each postcode, click the show/hide clients button on the right.

Please note: For your sites to be shown on the map, a valid postcode must be entered when setting up your sites from the Dashboard.

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