Client Report - Practitioner Load

The practitioner load report identifies each practitioners current work load. This report can be useful to spread work evenly amongst staff.

To access this report, go to 'Dashboard' > 'Client' > 'Practitioner Load'

Generating a Practitioner Load Report


  1. Optionally define the site which clients are allocated to
  2. Optionally define groups which clients are allocated to
  3. Optionally define which practitioners who clients are allocated to
  4. Define how the report should be based. On referrals or by case manager (practitioner)
  5. Define the status of client files to either current, closed or both

Press 'Generate' when you are finished. 


The report will display a pie graph visually represening the case load per practitioner. If you want to see a list of the clients allocated, press 'Show/Hide Clients'

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