Financial Report - Daily Banking

The daily banking report displays a list of money received for a particular day by payment method.


This report is typically associated with 'Cash' accounting.


To access this report, go to 'Dashboard' > 'Financial' > 'Daily Banking'

Generating a Daily Banking Report

  1. Select a date to show what money was received
  2. Define the payment type. Date Paid and Date Banked are defined when a payment is being collected.
  3. Optionally define client groups
  4. Optionally define the site where consultations took place
  5. Optionally define the practitioners whom where seen on this day
  6. Optionally define the service types that were invoiced out
  7. Optionally define how the client was consulted
  8. Optionally define if the invoices are locked, unlocked or either

Press 'Generate' when you are finished.

Daily Banking Report - Overview

The Daily Banking Overview screen displays a summary of the money received, breaking down GST, credits and refunds. The graph on the rights compares the report criteria specified over a 12 month period, showing financial performance for the current year vs the previous year.

Daily Banking Report - Details

Additional fields can be shown on the report, by clicking on 'Show/Hide Fields'.

The report can also be exported out to CSV and imported into Microsoft Excel or other accounting software, by clicking on 'CSV Export'.

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